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Everything You Need to Know


What is the process required to secure my event at The Brickview and what is the fee schedule?

Events are scheduled as availability permits.

To reserve your date, you must submit a non-refundable deposit and a signed contract. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit at signing, 25% at six months prior, and the balance due at 30 days before your event. If your event is scheduled within a 6 month timeframe we ask for a deposit of 75% at signing. If you book your event within one month of the event date, we ask for 100% payment at the time you sign your contract.

What is included with my rental of The Brickview Events?

Use of the facility including the rooftop.

Tables and chairs to accommodate your party.  Please note additional items

such as linens, plates, silverware, glasses and décor may be available for an additional fee.

Do you have spaces where the bride and groom can get ready?

Yes, there is both a groom’s room with chairs and a TV, and a bridal suite with its own bathroom.

Can our ceremony and reception be held in the same space? 

Yes! Many couples choose to hold the ceremony and reception in the same space.

If you do also then you would do a room ‘flip’. This is when the ceremony seating is changed over into the reception set-up and this re-set is accomplished during the cocktail hour. Your caterer is responsible for placing the tables and chairs and setting up the food service.

The Wedding Coordinator is responsible for the décor change-over during the flip.

Where do guests go during the ‘flip’?

If your ceremony is done on the first floor then your guests can move to the cocktail/hors d’oeuvre area up on the rooftop (weather permitting) and/or in the lobby area. If you choose to have your ceremony on the roof then your guests can head down to the main floor for the cocktail hour.


What is a ‘Day-of Coordinator’?  And what is a ‘Facilities Manager? What is the difference?

At the Brickview we do require that you have a Day-of-Coordinator. We do not require you to hire a professional (although we strongly suggest it) however someone must be ‘in-charge’ the day of the event. This stops any questions coming your way. The Day-of-Coordinator might be one of the most important people you hire.

Description: A Day-of wedding coordinator is a person responsible for making sure the wedding day is executed perfectly. Their roles include overseeing vendors, managing the timeline, and over-coming any last-minute challenges that arise during the festivities.

Facilities Manager- This person is the ‘go to’ for the facility. The Facilities Manager is employed by The Brickview and they are your go-to facility contact throughout the pre-event preparation, and post-event breakdown. (Seating/table arrangement, ceremony set-up, and coordinating with vendors for walk-throughs, deliveries, and pick-ups). The Facilities Manager will be working closely with your Day-of-Coordinator throughout your event and during the set up and breakdown process.

Is there a set-up, clean-up and staffing fee?

Yes, there is a 20% fee (or $300 min for hourly events) that covers the design set-up of your furniture plan, the Facilities Manager, and the cleaning of the event space.

Do you require a damage fee deposit?

Yes, we require a $500 damage deposit paid 30 days prior to your event, which may be refunded within 10 days after your event provided there has been no damage or unreasonable additional cleaning required.

How many people can The Brickview accommodate?

For sit down service we can accommodate 125 guests. For a standing hors d’oeuvres /cocktail party we can accommodate 180.  


Is smoking permitted at The Brickview?

There is No Smoking allowed anywhere on the premises including the roof. Smoking on the premises could result in people being asked to leave. If Guests must Smoke there are ashtrays located on the exterior of the building.


Do you have any Audio-Visual equipment available?

The Brickview has a Sound System available when using our preferred DJ. This system requires The Brickview management assistance and permission.


How long is the space available on the day of my event?

8 hours of rental time is included on the day of your event. 9 for the all inclusive. Generally figure for 1.5 hours to set up, 5 hours for the event, and 1.5 hours to breakdown. Also included within the parameters of The Brickview Events ‘planning schedule’ is a 1-hour rehearsal 1-4 days prior to your event, and up to (2) facility walkthroughs for family and vendors for the purpose of planning your event.

Our staff will work closely with your Day-of-Coordinator and/or your Event Planner to ensure the deliveries of your rentals, (flowers, catering, etc.) runs smoothly. Please allow a sufficient amount of time for breakdown, adjusting your time as necessary based on additional décor and vendors. If additional hours are needed they can be added at a fee of $200 per hour, which must be accounted for prior to the event.


Does The Brickview have a catering kitchen?

We do have a dedicated ‘catering room’ with a refrigerator, warming cabinet, set up counters, and dishwashing. We do not have a space for food preparation.

Can I bring in my own vendors?

We do have a preferred vender list but you are welcome to use your own vendors as long as they are able to add ‘The Brickview Events Inc.’ to their Certificate of Insurance (COI). We do require that you provide us with the list of all your vendors 30 days prior to your event.


Can we have alcohol at our event?

All Alcohol is catered through 41 North Coffee Company. We can offer several different packages including a cash bar. A licensed bartender is required to serve all alcoholic beverages, and additional ‘Retail Alcohol Event Insurance’ is required. We reserve the right to stop service to any guest, at any time.


Do I need Event insurance?

Yes. We require one day event insurance with The Brickview Events Inc. listed as co-insured. These policies are inexpensive and are designed to protect you and the venue from any liability that may occur from your event. If you are having alcohol, then the addition of an ‘alcohol rider’  with 41 North Coffee Co. listed to that policy is required. This is easily obtained on-line or from the same insurance that covers your car or home.


Can additional décor be used?

Yes, however to hang décor from the walls of the venue you must only use ‘command strips’. Pins, nails or screws, are strictly prohibited. You are allowed to have real open flame candles but they must be in a glass container. We do not allow the use of any confetti, rice, or glitter, either inside or outside of the building. Bird seed is permitted outside of the building. Sparklers are also allowed outside on the sidewalk, never on the roof.


Can you explain the timeline and what is expected from the client and the vendors?

It is your event to set up as you wish, but a quick, general timeline should look like this- The first 1.5- 2 hours are generally used for set up; including all of your vendors i.e. (Caterers, DJ, Band, Flowers and Décor); During this time your Planner/Coordinator is onsite setting up your vision. Our Event Manager will also be there if any questions arise. Then your Ceremony begins (If you are having it on site); immediately following are the Pictures/Cocktails/Flip;

then your reception; in total about 4 hours; then clean/pack-up 1.5 - 2 hours.

We do suggest allotting 2 hours for break-down following your event. This amount of time should be

sufficient for your Band/DJ and Caterer to complete their required pack-up/clean-up. We do require that your Day-of-Coordinator is on site during this period also. Our Facility Manager will also be present during the break down process to facilitate an efficient completion of your event. The Caterer is responsible for stripping all linens, placing all the dishes, glassware and flatware in racks, and placing all vendor rented items in the designated location for pick up. The caterer is also responsible for removing any trash from the venue as well as sweeping the area. There are dumpsters located on the opposite side of the train tracks that can be used. You are responsible for removing the flowers and any items brought to the venue on the day of the event including all décor. Nothing may be left at the venue overnight following the event. You are not responsible for the breakdown of the tables and chairs that the Brickview may have provided. At the end of the event the Day-of-Coordinator and the Facilities Manager will do a walk-through to determine if any damage or unreasonable mess has occurred, if there is, it will be pictured and documented. If there is no damage or extraordinary cleaning required, your deposit will be returned within 10 business days.

General Policy Statement On Company Expression

The Brickview Events engages in its own expression through many of the services it provides. In so doing, The Brickview intentionally expresses messages that promote aspects of its owners’ Christian faith or views consistent with that faith. For this reason, The Brickview Events reserves the right to decline requests for services that would require it to express messages [or otherwise celebrate events] that violate its owners’ religious beliefs.


Is The Brickview Events handicap accessible?

Our main floor is handicap accessible including our bridal suites and all bathrooms. The rooftop area is only accessible by stairs.


Does The Brickview have any additional items to rent?

Yes, we have linens, plates, glassware, silverware, glass candle holders, lanterns and misc. décor available for rent.


Is smoking permitted at The Brickview?

There is No Smoking allowed anywhere on the premises including the roof. Smoking on the premises could result in people being asked to leave. If Guests must Smoke there are ashtrays located on the exterior of the building.

Where should Guests park?

The Brickview is located in a downtown environment, so please utilize the 2 parking lot areas that Wendell has for ‘overflow’ parking. These lots are located on the corner of 3rd St. and Cypress, and on the corner of 4th St. and N. Oakwood Ave. just a short walk to your event. This will save the parking available just outside the building for your less mobile guests. The downtown area has many storefronts on Main St. so please limit your parking to off Main St. All parking is based on availability.

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